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My story as an educational example.

When I try to specify the exact moment my health issues begun, I come to the conclusion that I never did function optimally, even when I was young. At that time candy wasn’t really available, but I lived mostly on dairy and bread, so it’s not hard to imagine that I would constantly suffer from some ailment or another, but not a specific condition.
As an adult, in my thirties, I went through an episode of intense sugar addiction, which lasted a few years and ruined my body, but I still managed somewhat (emphasis on somewhat). It was a process, not an overnight change, so my body adapted using all available resources and I too got used to the ever growing discomfort in terms of functioning and appearance. It was a ride on a downward spiral at a steady pace.
The problem started, when a significant change in this process occured – I decided to invest in my health. An acquaintance convinced me to start using a cleansing herbal preparation Alveo by the company Akuna. I remember that for the first month toxins were visibly being removed through my skin and then I grew wings. I was in better shape, my skin improved, I had a lot of energy and got rid of my constantly hoarse throat. I felt great, but didn’t look the part (an obvious sign of a B vitamin deficiency), so I got a vitamin A+E supplement for beauty (B vitamin antagonists). And because at that time I would eat mostly dairy and sweets (loads of B vitamins irreversibly used up for digestion) and started a new stressful job (additional decline in magnesium), it’s no wonder that after four moths of depriving my body of B vitamins I had hives. For the next two years, multiple different specialists tried to treat me with no success – I broke out in hives after eating anything, every day, all over my body. Sometimes I would get out of bed with a Quicke’s edema that made it impossible for me to leave the house and itching and emotional tension accompanied me practically 24/7. It was a real nightmare. No medicine could bring relief or improvement, including steroids. This is when I started being more careful with what I eat, but any B vitamins I would deliver with food would be used for neutralizing all that synthetic stuff I was taking, so I had no chance of changing my situation.
After two years, the hives disappeared suddenly and unexpectedly during the course of one week and nobody, myself included, knew why. It was only much later that I realized it had been after taking an antifungal preparation, which I got for a crushed nail that became infected. My body was simply temporarily relieved from some of the Candida. There was a sudden decrease in the toxins produced by it, so the symptoms of the kidneys being overencumbered by them also disappeared – which is exactly what hives are. Of course, I hadn’t gotten rid of Candida completely, but my body began to function without producing alarming symptoms, so once again I could manage somewhat for the next five years, as the Candida grew larger, unnoticed.
The memory of hives was disappearing, old eating habits came back and eventually history repeated itself – it was again a time when I would eat very little vegetables and a lot of sweets and supplement “beauty” products with vitamins A and E, because the state of my skin was worsening and, surely enough, I broke out in hives again. I knew by then that doctors couldn’t help me, so I had to help myself. I found a forum for people affected by hives and analyzed everything they connected to the outbreaks, looking for a common denominator. I literally broke down every mentioned substance in atoms and traced the mechanisms it followed. I dabbled in biochemistry, which I knew nothing about, because I believed there had to be some ignition point, something to start this reaction. I found out that a deficiency of magnesium could be the culprit. Indeed it is, since hives are a type of an allergic reaction to Candida’s toxins. This happens when the excretory system is working (technically, the liver and kidneys are functional), but the body isn’t able to neutralize the toxins, simply out of lack of resources, magnesium and calcium; in response to strongly alkalizing foods (smoothies, juices, even alkaline water or millet groats), which provoke additional production of Candida’s toxins and cause the organs to fall behind on removing those toxins, the body responds with the so-called herx (Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction), in this case – hives. Only then, I had no idea about Candida, alkalization, magnesium or how the body cleanses itself, which led to a quite dramatic turn of events.
You see, wanting to test my hypothesis, I took a large dose of magnesium in the morning (without vitamin B6), and, not having felt any effects of this supplementation, I added another dose in the afternoon. Nothing happened until the evening and then suddenly, terrifying sensation occured in the form of a very fast heart rate, stiffness in the muscles, sweating, tinnitus – in short, I felt as if I was dying. Instinctively, I reached for water. The symptoms slowly went away as I drank, because the magnesium was being removed with urine. The next evening the situation repeated itself, despite the fact that I hadn’t taken more magnesium. It looked like an anaphylactic reaction, so I came to the conclusion that I was allergic to magnesium from supplements and switched to a diet high in magnesium, based on natural products such as buckwheat groats or nuts. The evening reaction was similar, only slightly weaker and appeared again the next evening despite the fact that I hadn’t eaten any products high in magnesium that day. These few trials got me close to tetany – I was like a sickly hundred-year-old, my muscles were stiff, I had difficulty walking up the stairs, I felt awful every evening and was afraid to eat anything anymore; how terrified I was of my condition paralyzed me even more. But not enough to hand myself over to doctors – I simply stopped believing they were able to help me. This is when I understood that magnesium is absorbed in the evening and that for some reason my body is unable of doing that and removes more of it than I provide, because my state is worsening. Desperately I searched for the cause and stumbled upon the information that magnesium requires vitamin B6 to be absorbed. And thanks to supplementing vitamin B6, just by itself, after about a month I began to function again. I thought that I had found the key with the help of which I could return to old eating habits, but I was bitterly let down. In my search for the reason why vitamin B6 would work one time, but not another I discovered the issue of the food’s pH, and soon after Candida. I think this is the first time I understood that I had control over the state of my body, but that without limitations and conscious choices, I would not break this vicious cycle. I started eating more healthily and after a few months I returned to normal, additionally free from sweets, coffee and alcohol. By sticking to a strict diet I felt and looked better than ever, but any exceptions to the rules led to a decline in my health, which wouldn’t go away, but become the status quo. In this way, over a few years my health and comfort declined systematically. I couldn’t return to optimal functioning, which demotivated me and when I stopped trying, I felt even worse. Now I know this to be a characteristic symptom of Candida – it’s easy to use up B vitamins and the substances dependent on them for limiting the overgrowth of the fungus, which allows for a temporary improvement, but it’s incredibly hard to even the deficiency out by chance, which causes the body to become weaker after every challenge, allowing for Candida to grow.
Seven years after the second time I had hives (which makes fourteen years since the first time!), again I found myself experiencing such physical discomfort, that I was forced to notice it. I didn’t have hives, but my body strongly reacted to everything unhealthy and had almost no reaction to healthy foods – generally I felt worse and worse, so I decided to take some drastic measures to change it. In August I did my first ever millet groat detox, which I endured not painlessly (with symptoms typical for acidification), but without major problems. My body rebelled completely only after switching to vegetable detox, so I gave up after three days (this was a clear sign, that without the B vitamins from millet groats my body was struggling hard with neutralizing Candida’s toxins). After I stopped the detox, I felt much better, thanks to the long-term alkalization, which killed and removed a large part of the Candida overgrowth, but I looked worse and lost a lot of weight – a typical symptom for a deep B vitamin deficiency and a deficiency of the substances dependent on B vitamins. I didn’t know this at the time and shortly after, in September, I underwent a thorough detox (Colo Vada). Thanks to the supplements, which limited the use of B vitamins for digestion and detoxication and after the millet groat detox, which had taken some weight off my body’s shoulders, I felt good and experienced the side effects only slightly on the physical level. But the deepened B vitamin deficiency caused me to lose more weight and to look very weak, because my body had worked in overdrive again: I removed a part of the Candida, but my body also lost another portion of its resources.
Believing that my health and wellbeing depended on the strength with which I attacked Candida, soon after the detox I underwent an antifungal program based on Pau D’Arco and probiotics. Initially I didn’t feel any alarming symptoms except for a slight acidification; I thought my body was keeping up with the detoxication after the cleansing, I didn’t understand the warning. Wanting to magnify the effect, I added in spirulina and another herbal preparation (Lax Max) – and immediately began to have severe digestive issues, mostly awful bloating and abdominal pains. Fighting over the short blanket intensified – B vitamins were necessary for detoxication and digestion and there wasn’t enough for either, which affected the pancreas and liver – typically for this situation, I couldn’t digest fats, even the healthy ones, such as avocado. It was the price of a three-month long fight with Candida, a sort of Pyrrhic victory: I have without a doubt limited Candida, but wasn’t able to function anymore.
But back then I didn’t see it this way and reached the conclusion that the reason (or consequence of the previous incidents such as this) for this were gallstones, common for the women in my family and without confirming the diagnosis with tests, I began attempting to dissolve them using the method recommended by Jerzy Zięba (fatty meals with herbal teas meant to stimulate the production of bile). I added in Assimilator – an enzymatic preparation – to each meal, to additionally aid digestion. On one hand, I immediately got rid of the digestive problems (and after three months also of a large stone, coming probably from the duodenum) and through systematic stimulation of the digestive system I consistently saved B vitamins, which immediately had a positive effect on my day to day functioning and appearance. On the other hand, however, I missed the fact that Assimilator contained not only enzymes, but also vitamins A and D, which I thus took in large doses. Because of the B vitamin deficiency I must have also had a deficiency of vitamins A and D, so initially supplementing them yielded good results. But soon the imbalance increased. Vitamin A is accumulated and can be toxic in excess – my body was receiving an increasing amount of a potential toxin, which it had to remove; at this time the insides of my hands and feet had a strong orange tint from the excess of beta-carotene (provitamin A) from what I ate, which the body couldn’t process into vitamin A despite the appropriate conditions – there was simply too much of it in the body already in proportion to other substances. Vitamin D in turn, without vitamin K2, also did more harm than good, probably initiating atherosclerotic changes without noticeable symptoms. Fortunately it didn’t have a lot of time to do this, because I took a new course of action.
Since I felt and functioned well, I decided to do a saliva test for the presence of Candida, believing that my previous action influenced it somehow. Unfortunately, it came up strongly positive – there were vortexes and “tornadoes” stretching out all across the glass, there was no doubt. So I decided to make my food more alkaline, to kill Candida off in the end – at first I added vitamin C and soon after began drinking alkaline water from an ionizer. As you can imagine, for a while I grew wings. I had so much energy – as much as was possible as long as the were resources for neutralization. Then, after some two weeks, I suddenly and unexpectedly broke out in hives, which was my body once again saying “this is not the way” in response to alkalization.
But what I didn’t yet know was that the root of the problem was a B vitamin deficiency and I managed blindly, deepening the deficiency through trial and error and quickly making my situation worse. Healthy fruit and vegetable smoothies made me immediately break out in a strong, widespread and very itchy rash. Supplementing magnesium, even in the form of a bath and with a large dose of vitamin B6, made me wake up in the morning with Quincke’s edema and eventually I stopped digesting anything, as in every bite I took resulted in some unpleasant symptom (tightening of the throat, fluttering in the chest, hives, Quicke’s edema, cold flashes, some sort of internal cramp). I dropped down to 47kg (103lbs), I looked ill, couldn’t eat and slowly stopped functioning. This is when I remembered about vitamin B6. While researching the topic online I found out that the reason for all my lows could be precisely B vitamins. Supplementing vitamin B6 brought a quick but moderate relief – increasing the dose didn’t make for an improvement, quite the opposite, so I figured I needed the remaining B vitamins as well. Unfortunately, attempts of supplementing several B complex tablets during the day (with each meal) resulted in my first ever – but spectacular – heartburn, because of the filler substances, which neutralized my already weak gastric juice. After a few days of drastic experiments with eating anything (even baby food) I could digest without getting symptoms or heartburn, I was saved by millet groats – because it’s slightly alkaline, easy to digest, nutritious and provides more B vitamins than are required for it to be digested. I basically lived on a millet groats detox. My eyes were tearing up, I had bladder issues, gas, bloating, acne, I coughed up yellow phlegm, my tongue was coated – all the B vitamins provided from the millet groats were used up for detoxicating Candida. I could eat and function somewhat, but no improvement came.
After two months of treading water on a strict diet, my coworker recommended I try Flavon – a natural fruit extract in the form of a gel. The only one not containing too much vitamin C, but additional B vitamins, was Flavon Kids, intended for children and pregnant women. I started eating it carefully in tiny doses with meals. And a miracle happened – after three days my eyes stopped tearing up and I started gaining weight, so I knew I was on the right track. After three weeks I could eat anything with no problems; I had an enormous appetite, gained weight, looked better and noticed more and more signs of healing. I felt as if I was coming back from the dead.
The effect was spectacular, so I steadily increased the dose of Flavon and added in probiotics, at the same time making my diet more alkaline and more varied. And what happened after the next two weeks? Same as always, the intensity of detoxication exceeded my body’s ability to cope with it. My body, because of so much prodding, was cleansing itself more and more rapidly – I had diarrhea, bladder inflammation, awful bloating, back pains, terrible itching, finally, the customary hives, edemas and digestive issues. The more Flavon I ate, the stronger my body detoxified and the more symptoms emerged. I was afraid that the inflammation could spread and defeat me (any antibiotics in this state could only kill me).
People who don’t suffer from Candida overgrowth believe this state to be a crisis before the final convalescence and suggest waiting it out. But those with Candida overgrowth who have experienced it know that this is not a state you could hold out in – you can’t function and improvement doesn’t come, it only gets worse. Candida will produce toxins as long as it is able, because it’s fighting to survive – the harder you attack it the more it struggles. At that time I felt as if I was on the verge of death, at the end of my body’s limits. I could only eat millet groats again, because anything else intensified my symptoms, engaging B vitamins in digestion. When for the first time in my life I felt pain in my kidneys, I understood that the situation was critical. I desperately searched for a way out. I tried adding a bit of protein and fats to the millet groats. Bingo! Immediately the pace of detoxication decreased and the worst of my symptoms let up. This is when I understood that I could manipulate the intensity of the cleansing and started to carefully apply it. Sometimes my assumptions turned out to be wrong – sometimes a beet puree turned out to be too alkaline, sometimes being too long in the sun or eating out weakened me, too much of one thing or too little of another. It’s hard to know if something works if you don’t test it out, but testing often meant a step forward and a step backward. On the other hand, this is the period of time all my knowledge of digestion comes from, how different foods are processed and how they encumber or nourish the body, because I would get immediate feedback from my body.
If I guessed the diet and amount of B vitamins appropriately to the need, for a moment I would grow wings. If I went overboard with something, I immediately felt it in the form of some re-emerging symptoms, which I had to take care of again. And so I went around in circles. My body had such a strong deficiency of B vitamins and the substances dependent on them that it was sensitive to everything.
I was completely exhausted after four months of fighting for any possibility of functioning, guessing what I could eat, making up for one wrong assumption for days and living on the edge. By this point I looked so bad, people suspected me of some severe illness, I weighed 45kg (99lbs) and had no energy for anything. I was scared of going back to Flavon, because since it contains vitamin C I could easily overdose it in this state (as in cause an excessive alkalization), and I could not afford another mistake, so I experimented with food only. I felt it made sense, but that it would take a lifetime to crack and perfect it enough to go back to normal functioning. I desperately needed just B vitamins, in the smallest possible dose and without additional alkalizing substances.
July 4th, 2016
Not being able to find anything else, on the 15th anniversary of the first time I got hives, in an act of desperation I reached again for the B vitamins from the pharmacy, regular B compositum – but I dosed them more carefully and this time my stomach didn’t respond with heartburn.
Keeping to the assumptions tested earlier (described in guidelines) and supplementing B vitamins, I got rid of the worst symptoms in a few days. The edema was gone, the hives decreased, my pale swollen tongue went pink again, I started gaining weight, any symptoms after digestion improved and so did my appearance and the state of my skin. I included herbal teas meant to stimulate digestion and digestive enzymes – my state consistently improved, but I still reacted visibly worse to a strong alkalization (for example when I tested B vitamins from the company Solgar – they’re in large doses, with algae and acerola). After 4 weeks I added in additional B vitamins not found in B compositum tablets (B12, biotin, folic acid), which resulted in continued improvement of my appearance and general sensation, any symptoms related to digestion appeared only sporadically. After 8 weeks I gained 3kg (6,6lbs), my tongue cleared up and the visibly weaker response to alkalization pointed to Candida being limited and my body gaining strength. I couldn’t get rid only of the hives and constant tearing up.
Blood test results after nearly two months of supplementation (from “living dead”) turned up perfect, better than ever. The levels of iron and red blood cells increased significantly, which confirmed my belief that supplementing B vitamins is a way to even out other deficiencies.
After 10 weeks I caught the first virus in September and during the course of a few days old symptoms reappeared, Quincke’s edema included. I was devastated, I thought I was back to square one and that I would never find my way out. But when emotions settled I saw the other side of the coin – my body fought the infection itself, without medicine. And because it immediately used up all its resources for doing that, it means that there wasn’t enough of them, that I had been delivering B vitamins for current needs only, so my immune system was at risk. The conclusion was simple: the alkalization was still too strong, a large portion of my efforts still went towards neutralizing the toxins produced by Candida, which I unnecessarily provoked. I decided to slow down the alkalization, to give up herbs and raw vegetables – I went back to the ground rules from the beginning. And another miracle happened – I came back to how I was before the infection in the course of a few days. To nourish my body more, I included more protein and fats in my diet and in a month I gained another 3kg (6,6lbs), approaching my regular weight. I checked the state of my body, trying more alkaline meals or new herbal preparations, but it still reacted with a visible decline in day to day functioning and general wellbeing.
In December, after 6 months since I began the supplementation, first symptoms of a breakthrough appeared: my eyes stopped tearing up, which was one of the most common side effects and people started complimenting me on my healthy appearance. I did however notice the pace of my metabolism decreasing and the appearance of cellulite, which meant, that this time I went overboard with the amount of protein and fat in my diet, so I included additional vitamin B6.
In January I discovered that I need much less sleep, I wake up well rested and remember my dreams, my body’s reaction to changes is visibly weaker, and a trip to the sauna energizes me instead of wearing me out. The saliva test for the presence of Candida confirmed my observations: there were no vortexes or “tornadoes”, just some strings on the surface and bottom.
In February I scored another victory. I finally got rid of the hives, which used to reappear – sporadically and in limited form, but still. I think that using herbs to cleanse the kidneys helped – first, after two weeks I had a bladder inflammation from the excess of toxins being removed and then after a month the hives disappeared.
Encouraged by these improvements I decided to go on a millet groats detox, but it turned out to be a bad idea – in three days I acidified my body maximally by excessive alkalization, with a full spectrum of symptoms (acne, constipation and diarrhea, coated tongue, weakness) and when I got strong abdominal pain I understood that when resources are used up, alkalization is not the right method independently of the size of Candida’s overgrowth. Without supplies of the substances necessary for the neutralization of toxins, the body isn’t able to cope with a sudden outburst of toxins from the irritated fungus, not to mention neutralize the nightly acidification, when the substances aren’t being delivered with food. Yet I was positively surprised by the fact that my body regenerated very quickly after this experience.
In March I noticed that the bits in the phlegm I coughed up were becoming more dissolved – they weren’t dark clumps they used to be for the past year and a half. The white coat on my tongue was also slowly disappearing, which illustrates Candida’s toxin production. These small changes confirmed my belief that the body was healing itself all the time. But still, every attempt of pinning Candida down through alkalization, garlic or increase in supplementation of B vitamins sooner or later brought on a decrease in appearance, general sensation and functioning. I tried including other vitamins and elements in minimal doses, to speed this process up, but I felt more slowed down than nourished.
It’s a sort of a paradox – you can’t nourish the body until you get rid of Candida, but you can’t get rid of Candida until you nourish the body enough to deal with it…
Then I thought that the pace of nourishment depended on digestion. I drank herbal teas after meals and didn’t experience any issues with digestion, but I knew that most of the B vitamins I delivered were consumed by Candida, so my digestive system couldn’t function effectively. This is why in April I included enzymes to each meal, just like at the beginning of the supplementation. The body began healing itself at a visibly faster pace. I did blood work to verify my feelings. The blood count came up perfectly normal again. The pH of the urine pointed to the body being more alkaline, the amount of glucose had visibly declined. Results of liver tests were still normal, which, in the presence of Candida’s toxins and a permanent B vitamin deficiency, I consider an achievement – I suspect I owe that to adding milk thistle to my breakfast every day. The levels of iron, which had always been decidedly below normal, turned up thrice as high as usual. My body visibly came back to life – despite the fact that most of what I delivered was consumed by Candida. This cleansing and repair of my body was also evident through the heightened level of HDL cholesterol. With such good results, all that was left to do was another saliva test for Candida – it confirmed that the overgrowth of Candida is now history in my case 🙂
I proved my own theory right – by supplementing B vitamins and avoiding alkalization, in the course of 9 and a half months I got rid of Candida by helping my body heal itself. Maybe if I possessed the knowledge that I do now at the beginning of this journey, it would be shorter by a few failed experiments. But on the other hand, my body was severely infected with the fungus and weakened by endless attempts at alkalization, which provoked the immune system to produce autoimmune diseases because from the lack of B vitamins. I know about three main focal points of Candida in my body for sure: the intestine, upper airways and sinuses, because I could see it when the body was getting rid of it. How many focal points were there in total will remain a mystery…
Here I will give you a few examples of how my test results changed through B vitamin supplementation and getting rid of Candida:
Amount of blood count results outside the norm: before – 4-7; after – 0;
Hematocrit: before – always below norm, 32,6%-34,5%; after – 38,2%;
Hemoglobin: before – 10,7-11,2; after – 13,3;
Glucose: before – 96-98; after – 88;
Urine pH: before – 5,0; after – 5,5;
Iron: before – 34-49; after 131.
I have reasons to suspect this is just the beginning of a chain of positive changes. I will inform you about them as they come.