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B vitamins in large doses (over 100% RDA)

Candida overgrowth causes all existing sources of B vitamins and substances that depend on them in the body to be exhausted in attempts of stopping the fungus. This hinders all systems and even causes inflammation, which is a sign of helplessness and lack of resources of the body. It would seem that in this situation the cure is obviously the biggest possible doses of B vitamins and many people, encouraged by advertisements reach for them. Paradoxically, this only brings on the opposite effect – why?

B vitamins are not stored, but used in current time, according to priorities, established by the body itself. The prime and logical priority in the presence of a Candida overgrowth is getting rid of the fungus. That’s what the body directs all of its resources (the surplus of B vitamins at that moment) and not for getting rid of the deficiencies, which cause symptoms and worsen the state the body is in. Those vitamins, even in gigantic doses, are not capable of defeating Candida, because they provoke its defense mechanisms, which means an increased production of toxins. Neutralizing these toxins consumes an even larger amount of vitamins and substances dependent on them. This is why the bigger the large doses of vitamins you use, the more you ruin your body, deepening the pre-existing deficiencies and intensifying the symptoms.
The only way for delivering B vitamins to the body is smuggling them in with food in a way that does not disturb Candida’s environment and cause it to defend itself. This means controlling the pH of your meals, completed with supplementing B vitamins in small doses. In this case, the body uses the supplemented vitamins for the ongoing processes of digestion and absorption, systematically doing away with the pre-existing deficiencies. The rebuilt resources allow it for slowly keeping the intestinal pH more and more basic (alkaline), which naturally eliminates Candida. This is a long, but effective process.

B vitamins in large doses should not be supplemented in the first two stages of treating Candida except for emergency situations, like using them to complete a strongly acidogenic meal (like meat alone). They should be gradually introduced in the third stage, with the increased supplementation of other vitamins and elements, the absorption of which depends on the presence of B vitamins. In people without Candida overgrowth, B vitamins in large doses are a great way of getting rid of deficiencies caused by temporary increased cleansing, after an intense physical exertion, illnesses, surgical procedures, chronic stress etc.
Caution – the alkaline pH of the B vitamins themselves can be significantly increased by the content of vitamin C and other alkaline substances or plant essences (algae, acerola, rose hip, parsley etc.) in the preparation. You should definitely avoid those preparations until your body has regained control over Candida.

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Vitamin B12 MSE

The vitamin B12 is contained here in the form of methylcobalamin, which is the active form that doesn’t need to be processed in the body. Aside from vitamin B12, the preparation contains three other B vitamins, which aid its effectiveness: biotin, folic acid and vitamin B6 – all in heightened doses.

PROS: good for completing basic B vitamin supplementation, strength of alkalization between vitamin B complex (weak) and vitamin B6 in 50mg tablets (strong), a package lasts three months (120 tablets); easily absorbed
CONS: expensive
USE: for completing B vitamin supplementation and making sure the level of homocysteine isn’t too high, which can have negative effect on health
WHERE TO BUY: online and in some pharmacies.


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Biotin is synthesized by healthy bacterial flora in the intestines, which prevents Candida from multiplying. When you eat acidogenically, you destroy the intestinal flora and open the door for Candida. The symptoms of biotin deficiency concern hair, nails and skin – their poor appearance means that every available resource has been used up for fighting Candida.
Products such as coffee, black tea, spinach and rhubarb contain oxalates, which block biotin and aid Candida. As far as spinach and rhubarb are concerned, I don’t think anyone eats them multiple times a day, but tea and coffee can be a serious problem. You can supplement biotin additionally under one condition: it can’t be in large doses of 5 mg or small doses several times a day, because by doing so you will cause an imbalance between biotin and other B vitamins. This can result in directing the process of self-healing in one direction, while another department is neglected, because there won’t be proportionally enough of the other vitamins for it.

Biotin 300 mcg (Walmark)

PROS: a relatively small dose, no additives
NOTES: just one tablet a day, best before bed
USE: with clear signs of a biotin deficiency (severe hair, nails and skin problems)
WHERE TO BUY: online, sometimes in pharmacies or drugstores

Hair supplements with biotin (Doppel herz)

PROS: relatively small dose of biotin with other substances meant to aid it
CONS: a small amount of elements, which can accumulate and disrupt balance; lack of niacin, which is bad in the case of thyroid gland disorders
USE: with clear signs of a biotin deficiency (severe hair, nails and skin problems)
WHERE TO BUY: in pharmacies and drugstores (e.g. Rossmann)


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Vitamin B6

I call it the chief B vitamin, because in the case of a Candida overgrowth, the demand for it is significantly increased; it appears to be as important as all the other B vitamins combined. This is because it is needed universally (for digestion, brain function, hormone production, for the immune system and the hematopoietic system), but mostly for the absorption of magnesium, which is needed for a hundred other biochemical reactions and is the deciding factor when it comes to the speed of the recovery.
People with a Candida overgrowth have a B vitamin deficiency, which causes issues with the absorption of magnesium. Because of this, supplementing magnesium usually does not increase the amount of it in the body, it is removed with urine; meanwhile supplementing vitamin B6 in the evening causes the magnesium delivered from food to be absorbed and nourish the body.

PROS: no additives in the preparation, low price.
CONS: a relatively large dose (50g) in a small tablet, which is hard to divide.
USE: for completing basic B complex vitamin supplementation in one dose in the evening or two doses of 25 mg separately.
WHERE TO BUY: in the pharmacy.


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By not delivering B vitamins to your body, you allow Candida to grow. When it grows large, it produces so much toxins that neutralizing them consumes every delivered portion of B vitamins, not allowing the body to create resources (for example of magnesium) needed to fight the fungus. Despite this, the body will still fight, attempting to “save” vitamins on other processes happening in the body. One of them is digestion. B vitamins are necessary for the production of gastric juices, breaking down protein, carbohydrates and fats, absorbing other vitamins and elements. When there isn’t enough of them, food isn’t properly digested, which means that not only are the substances necessary for the consequent reactions not created, but the indigested leftovers penetrate the bloodstream, causing allergic reactions. This is why food doesn’t nourish the body, but burdens it instead. And it’s also why when treating Candida it’s very important to support digestion with the help of enzymes, which the body can’t produce enough of due to the lack of B vitamins.
They are taken before the meal with as little water as possible.
Preparations containing enzymes can be found at herbalist’s and online. You should make sure that they contain enzymes that break down proteins and fats and as well as carbohydrates, but not cleansing substances such as chlorella, or liposoluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) or elements such as calcium. The enzymes themselves can’t be overdosed, even if taken with several meals during the day, but vitamins or elements will accumulate and disrupt the body’s balance. Similarly, the cleansing properties of chlorella will accumulate, causing the opposite of the desired effect.



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B compositum

PROS: a complete set of B vitamins in a relatively small dose (100% RDA), no additional alkalizing substances, low price.
CONS: the filler additives may cause irritation to the stomach; this is why you should limit supplementation to one tablet a day.
WARNING: B compositum and B complex are meant to signify a set of B vitamins, but can differ in content – sometimes a preparation will contain 4 vitamins, other times 5 or 8. The more, the better.
USE: for completing acidogenic meals, especially ones containing meat. Doesn’t contain vitamin C, so adding vegetables to the meal is required. Perfect supplement for those who react strongly to any attempts of alkalization.
WHERE TO BUY: in the pharmacy.


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Flavon Kids

PROS: gel formula, which enables you to dose it accordingly; it’s natural, plant-based and contains a complete set of B vitamins.
CONS: first and foremost the price and way of distibution (you have to buy four jars at once for 137.50 zł [about 35 dollars] each).
WARNING: Flavon Kids contains additional alkalizing substances (vitamin C and antioxidants), which, if taken in excess in people with Candida overgrowth, can cause excessive stimulation of the immune system and cause or intensify inflammation. According to my calculations, the tiny spoon of gel is equivalent to 3kg [6lbs] of fruits and vegetables, so obviously people with Candida overgrowth should divide this dose over a few meals.
USE: ideal for completing acidogenic meals such as sandwiches without vegetables, pancakes with cheese, dumplings, meat with bread etc.

WHERE TO BUY: at a Flavon distributor.