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Teas for digestion

As Candida grows, it gradually uses up the body’s resources, causing their deficiencies, which hinder the functioning of various organs and systems. The first target is the digestive system, which also receives the most damage. Its functioning directly affects the process of nourishing the body and thus dictates the speed of recovery.
Using B vitamin supplementation and digestive enzymes is aimed towards supporting the digestive system. Herbal teas geared towards digestion play the same role. You should drink them about half an hour to an hour after a meal. Especially in regards to meals containing fat, because herbs cause an increased production of bile, which is necessary for breaking them down. Drinking these teas systematically prevents the formation of gall stones, since they stimulate the circulation of bile, and often even dissolve existing gallstones.
WARNING: Introducing herbal teas to your diet should be slow and gradual, because bile frees the toxins bound by fats, and the substances contained in it are often fungicidal. Accumulated effects of the herbs can lead to acidification and poisoning of the body by the released substances, which the body lacks the resources to neutralize. This will cause a decline in general sensation, intensification of existing symptoms or new inflammations. This is why you should start with a weak brew once a day, very slowly increasing its strength and the amount of cups per day.
You can use singular herbs, which aid digestion and stimulate the production of bile, create your own blends or use existing ones. Most often used herbs include: peppermint, cumin, anise, chamomile, lemon verbena, linen, elderberry, fennel and St John’s wort.
It’s best to use different mixes interchangeably. On one hand, herbs contain many active substances, which can accumulate in the body, disrupting the natural balance, on the other – you shouldn’t let your body become dependent on one type of aid.
WARNING: St John’s wort is fantastic for stimulating the gallbladder, but it increases your vulnerability to the sun and can cause strong allergies or burns, which is why when using it, you should not tan or sunbathe.






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