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Green soup

A meal equivalent to a portion of vegetables with grains and meat (pictured with wholegrain rice and chicken gizzards) in a tasty and nutritious form.


– zucchini
– broccoli
– green beans
– green peas
– spices: himalayan salt, fenugreek, cilantro, dried onion, curry
– dried kale or parsley
– a tablespoon of coconut cream

1. Bring a pot of water with the spices to a boil. Chop and add the vegetables. You can use a vegetable or meat based broth (in this case, from cooking the chicken gizzards).
2. Cook until soft for easy blending.
3. Add the coconut cream and blend into a creamy consistency.
4. Pour over the meat and grains, sprinkle kale or parsley on top.

This soup, when served with acidogenic grains (rice, barley, spelt, groats) requires the supplementation of half (25mg) of vitamin B6.
I based this recipe off of a mix of frozen vegetables from Bonduelle, but you can add kale, leek, green pepper and pumpkin seeds, though it will alter the flavor a little bit. You can also make a yellow variant (pumpkin, yellow bell pepper, corn) or a red one (tomatoes, red bell pepper, onion) 🙂




I like to know WHY. It makes me a conscious creator of my life. Lubię rozumieć DLACZEGO. To sprawia, że mogę mieć wpływ na własne życie.

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