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Many people suffering from Candida ovegrowth avoid eating grains because of their high carbohydrate content. This isn’t necessary, because Candida doesn’t feed off of alkaline carbohydrates, or those which are absorbed slowly, without causing a sudden increase in blood sugar. Meanwhile, carbohydrates are much needed in a fungus infected body for energy, since it doesn’t have the ability to fully break down fats. (You can aid this process by takin enzymes with meals, which prevents the accumulation of undigested food and helps with digesting the combination of carbohydrates and proteins.)
Grains can be a great way to regulate a meal’s pH. A meal consisting of a bigger portion of vegetables and a smaller portion of meat is close to neutral, which means the easiest for the body to digest and absorb. It contains vitamins, elements and protein, but not carbohydrates, which is why a meal like this can weaken people with Candida overgrowth and cause sugar cravings.
Adding one of the alkaline types of grains – millet, buckwheat, quinoa – to vegetables with meat makes the meal complete – that is, not requiring supplementation. Adding one of the acidogenic grains – barley, groats, rice – makes the meal acidogenic, harder to digest and needing supplementation of B vitamins, B6 especially.
You need to remember that buckwheat contains a large amount of magnesium, which is why you should limit its content in meals and always supplement vitamin B6 with it (to avoid making the meal too alkaline, you need to change the proportions – less vegetables, more meat).



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