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Some tips on increasing the nutritional value of your food, because that’s what the pace of healing depends on. The less vitamins and other nutrients in your food, the more it burdens and ruins the body, using up its resources. The more natural and the richer in vitamins and minerals your good is, the faster your body regenerates.

1. Cooking groats. First off, I strongly discourage cooking groats in plastic bags. The harmful bisphenol A (BPA) is released during cooking and is easily absorbed by the body; as an artificial estrogen it can lead to serious hormonal disruptions in the body. Secondly, I recommend cooking groats in measured amounts of water – enough for the groats to absorb it, but not so much that it needs to be strained, which means precious nutrients going down the drain. This may increase the cooking time somewhat, but health wise it’s definitely worth it.

2. Using the leftovers. Often when preparing meals, there are leftovers – the ends of vegetables after grating, thick stalks of kale, the ends of asparagus. It’s worth keeping them and using them later for a broth or add them to a cream soup.

3. Using broths. Whatever is cooked in water, the nutrients from it dissolve. This is why it’s best to steam cook vegetables or put them in the oven. But if you do it in water, keep the broth – you can use it for enriching a soup, sauce or cooking groats or rice in it. You can always freeze it and use it later.

4. Choosing unprocessed products. Refining grains causes them to lose their most valuable nutrients. This is why it’s always best to choose full grain products – flour, rice or pasta. If you have a choice between processed and raw products, always choose the latter – for example, not roasted cocoa beans have more nutritional value and a richer flavor, and unsalted pistachios can be flavored at home with a healthier option, himalayan salt.



I like to know WHY. It makes me a conscious creator of my life. Lubię rozumieć DLACZEGO. To sprawia, że mogę mieć wpływ na własne życie.

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