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The more Candida develops, the more toxins it produces. These toxins poison the body and make it impossible for you to function normally. Of course, the body has ways to remove toxins: through the skin, kidneys, intestines and lungs, which move it to the outside; they are neutralized or passed on by blood and lymph, with help from the liver, gallbladder and pancreas.
Overwhelming a part of the system makes it ineffective, meanwhile Candida, with its incessant production of toxins maximally overwhelmes all of it. This is why it’s recommended to support and stimulate the immune system and cleanse the body when treating Candida – it’s logical. It’s also why detox brings a temporary relief. Unfortunately, it’s like pouring water out of a bucket while more is constantly being poured in. Sooner or later, the body will collapse from exertion while trying to perform this never-ending uphill job. With an overgrowth of Candida, the lack of a reaction from the immune system is not the problem, quite the opposite – that reaction is too strong in relation to the body’s resources necessary for neutralizing the toxins, primarily magnesium. This is why stimulating the immune system sooner or later results in the opposite of the desired effect, which is intensified symptoms and a decrease in overall wellbeing, both a sign of the body dealing with posion. The first symptoms of Candida overgrowth mean that the body is lacking resources for defeating the parasite, so you can’t treat it with depriving it of those resources more, but by delivering them, to make the system functional.
This isn’t easy, because Candida reacts defensively to every such attempt by producing more toxins, and the immune system – by attacking Candida even more and this is where the vicious cycle begins, ruining the body. But there is a solution – you need to choose your diet and B vitamin supplementation so that you don’t provoke Candida and adjust the pace of cleansing to your body’s abilities. Vitamins and minerals, which are co-enzymes, will subsequently replace the toxins, releasing them gradually and proportionally. This will cause the internal organs and systems to function better. People who have gotten to the point of a total exhaustion of resources and react negatively with specific symptoms to food, drink, physical exertion and all changes must avoid any way of provoking the immune system and put all their focus towards nourishing the body. Only after reaching a certain level of resources – which will manifest itself in a lack of an immediate reaction to negative factors – can you slowly and carefully stimulate the system in removing toxins. This means increasing activity, using the sauna, using herbs for cleansing the liver and the kidneys or that stimulate the production of bile, and increasing the alkalinity of the meals.
Otherwise, any way of stimulating the body to cleanse will cause the toxins from one place to be moved to another place (for example, from the liver to the kidneys) and their accumulation in the weaker place, where there will appear an inflammation (for example bladder inflammation) – or their neutralization at the cost of some organ’s functioning (heart, liver).



I like to know WHY. It makes me a conscious creator of my life. Lubię rozumieć DLACZEGO. To sprawia, że mogę mieć wpływ na własne życie.

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