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Vitamin B12 MSE

The vitamin B12 is contained here in the form of methylcobalamin, which is the active form that doesn’t need to be processed in the body. Aside from vitamin B12, the preparation contains three other B vitamins, which aid its effectiveness: biotin, folic acid and vitamin B6 – all in heightened doses.

PROS: good for completing basic B vitamin supplementation, strength of alkalization between vitamin B complex (weak) and vitamin B6 in 50mg tablets (strong), a package lasts three months (120 tablets); easily absorbed
CONS: expensive
USE: for completing B vitamin supplementation and making sure the level of homocysteine isn’t too high, which can have negative effect on health
WHERE TO BUY: online and in some pharmacies.




I like to know WHY. It makes me a conscious creator of my life. Lubię rozumieć DLACZEGO. To sprawia, że mogę mieć wpływ na własne życie.

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