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What not to do…

…if you want to get rid of Candida overgrowth. First and foremost, two things that bring about the opposite of the desired result: feeding Candida and attacking it. Both use up magnesium and other substances necessary for self-healing and make the body helpless.

Feeding Candida means delivering a large amount of acidogenic and quickly released carbohydrates, so mainly white sugar and wheat flour. Combining these two products (cake, cookies, white bread, pancakes, dumplings etc.) is always a feast for Candida, which your body will have to pay for and can’t be balanced with any supplementation. If you want to get rid of Candida, you have to start with putting away everything that contains white flour and sugar, otherwise you can forget about it. This isn’t as scary as it sounds, but makes eating more difficult outside of the house, because you can make a ton of your favorite stuff on your own using substitutes for white flour and sugar. I will post suggestions on how to do it on the blog. Treating an overgrowth of Candida doesn’t have to mean giving up all culinary pleasures 🙂

Attacking Candida means changing the pH of its environment – that is sudden and strong alkalization. This happens when you eat vegetables, fruits, sprouts, millet and buckwheat groats alone or drink cleansing herbal teas (rockrose, nettle, green tea) or combine these products – this is when the body engages the immune system to fight Candida and uses up all the resources from the meal for doing so. To illustrate it, it’s like attacking a tank with a pen – there is no chance of winning. The fungus has its defense mechanisms (producing a large amount of toxins) and the body doesn’t have any resources to continue the fight, so it launches an attack and then collapses. This is why preparations for stimulating the immune system won’t help here (herbal oils, vitamin C, Pau d’Arco etc.), because the error here isn’t that the immune system isn’t working, but that it has no resources or tools for doing so – it doesn’t have the necessary vitamins and elements or the substances created from them. This is key in treating Candida overgrowth, and the mistake theorists advertising cleansing and fasting make. It undoubtedly weakens Candida, it’s true, but only for a little bit – meanwhile the body is deprived of more and more substances and made to function with more and more deficiencies and fight Candida on top of that, which in the meantime grows back. It can’t be done this way and most people infected have a history of such attempts, which bring about a temporary relief and a long-term worsening.

Aside from feeding and attacking Candida there are a few more things you should watch out for, because they weaken the body, using up precious magnesium. Those are: coffee, black tea, alcohol, nicotine, drugs and medicine, sauna, excessive tanning, excessive magnesium consumption (in supplement form, from bathing and even from food), supplementing other vitamins and elements (in tablet form or from bathing). This can’t be evened out with B vitamin supplementation. There is no other way than give up everything from that list for the time you heal or accept the fact that each one will individually slow down and minimize the effects of the process, and accumulated – nullify it.



I like to know WHY. It makes me a conscious creator of my life. Lubię rozumieć DLACZEGO. To sprawia, że mogę mieć wpływ na własne życie.

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