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By not delivering B vitamins to your body, you allow Candida to grow. When it grows large, it produces so much toxins that neutralizing them consumes every delivered portion of B vitamins, not allowing the body to create resources (for example of magnesium) needed to fight the fungus. Despite this, the body will still fight, attempting to “save” vitamins on other processes happening in the body. One of them is digestion. B vitamins are necessary for the production of gastric juices, breaking down protein, carbohydrates and fats, absorbing other vitamins and elements. When there isn’t enough of them, food isn’t properly digested, which means that not only are the substances necessary for the consequent reactions not created, but the indigested leftovers penetrate the bloodstream, causing allergic reactions. This is why food doesn’t nourish the body, but burdens it instead. And it’s also why when treating Candida it’s very important to support digestion with the help of enzymes, which the body can’t produce enough of due to the lack of B vitamins.
They are taken before the meal with as little water as possible.
Preparations containing enzymes can be found at herbalist’s and online. You should make sure that they contain enzymes that break down proteins and fats and as well as carbohydrates, but not cleansing substances such as chlorella, or liposoluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) or elements such as calcium. The enzymes themselves can’t be overdosed, even if taken with several meals during the day, but vitamins or elements will accumulate and disrupt the body’s balance. Similarly, the cleansing properties of chlorella will accumulate, causing the opposite of the desired effect.





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