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Why is it impossible to get rid of Candida?

If there is a widespread overgrowth of Candida, a return to health through a natural, alkaline diet becomes impossible. Alkalization threatens the fungus and changes its environment, thus increasing the amount of the toxins produced by it. Neutralizing those toxins uses up almost any amount of B vitamins and the substances dependent on them, keeping the body from getting back on its feet, rebuilding its reserves or dealing with the parasite. This is not understood by healthy people or even most of the people trying to cure Candida, who reach the theoretically correct conclusion, that since an acidic environment is good for Candida, alkalizing it would get rid of the fungus and so the healthier and alkaline the diet is, the better. But every Candida infested person experiences stronger and more widespread symptoms after switching to that diet, they feel progressively worse and their health deteriorates. The issue lies in the fact, that products made by nature protect us from Candida developing too much, but when we rid our food of what is necessary for our functioning and develop Candida, those products are not enough to remedy it. They only make the threatened fungus fight harder for its survival, attacking the body with a larger and larger amount of toxins – much more than the limited supply of B vitamin coming from these products is able to neutralize (directly and through the substances created by them). The stronger you try to alkalize your diet, the more you provoke the fungus to bite back, but how do you win this battle with no resources for neutralizing the toxins? The B vitamin deficiency and the deficiencies of substances dependent on them only grow deeper, the already helpless body becomes more acidic and with that the symptoms intensify.
Candida’s toxins, which the body is unable to neutralize, ensure its survival and continued or recurring growth. It only takes the fungus three weeks to grow back, whereas the body requires much longer to convalesce, since the acidity in it limits the absorption of B vitamins and their deficiency limits the absorption of necessary substances, the priceless magnesium included. The more often you hit Candida, the more you deprive the body of nutrients and hence the stronger the fungus becomes, so the more violently you fight it, paradoxically, the more it wins.
You could kill Candida in a hundred ways, but the acidification caused by both its dead, rotting part and the living part, which produces toxins is too strong for the body to deal with in the presence of B vitamin deficiency, which causes a plethora of other deficiencies. Candida holds out the attack and then grows back in the weakened, barren body. An overgrowth of Candida can’t be eliminated all at once, it would probably mean suicide by Candida’s toxin poisoning. There is no safe amount of B and C vitamins you could eat to fight Candida as it comes either. You’d have to hook yourself up to an IV for a while to keep a steady level of alkalization in the body. Otherwise while you’re fighting during the day, Candida makes up for it at night, acidifying the body by releasing toxins in response to the alkalization.
There are many things that kill Candida, such as garlic, probiotics, vitamin C and specific fungicidal preparations – it all really works. But as long as the body doesn’t have the means to neutralize the rotting “corpses” and the toxins produced by the surviving Candida (is lacking magnesium), so long it can’t stay alkaline and won’t be able to get rid of the fungus.
The paradoxical nature of trying to cure an overgrowth of Candida is, when we try something and don’t feel it working, we assume it doesn’t. Well, it does, but if there’s enough B and C vitamins, calcium magnesium to neutralize toxins, the process stays in the background, without any noticeable symptoms – as if in a healthy body. But if you try harder to really feel it working, you develop a large B vitamin deficiency and use up the available magnesium, which results in heavy unpleasant symptoms and the opposite effect.
Perhaps before Candida turns into a fungus form a strong concentrated alkalization effort is able to let the body regain control by eliminating most of the yeast. Maybe many people have successfully gotten rid of the first stages of Candida overgrowth by using some form of a body cleanse, not even aware since the symptoms would have still been mild. However in the advanced stage of fungus infection these attempts will only cause further hindering and acidification of the body, inflammation and re-growth of the Candida. It’s a cat and mouse game without additional B vitamins, which are the missing link making Candida (and hives, which shares the same root cause) out to be considered incurable.



I like to know WHY. It makes me a conscious creator of my life. Lubię rozumieć DLACZEGO. To sprawia, że mogę mieć wpływ na własne życie.

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